2 comments on “Landlord’s Responsibilities

  1. On first moving into a new property it’s always worth making note of anything which is damaged or broken and making an unofficial record, such as sending an email to the landlord with the list, possibly including photos. This is worth doing even if you’re happy to live with this damage, but simply provides evidence that you didn’t cause the damage during your tennancy.
    Ensuring you trust your landlord, and then maintaining a good relationship throughout your tennancy is always a good idea, including explaining whenever you have a problem with anything; be it paying the rent, an issue with the property or anything else related to the tennancy.
    Regarding repairs, if you (as the tennant) have caused any damage to the property or the provided contents, then you are responsible for repairing or replacing the subject of the damage. However it’s always worth discussing this with the landlord before taking action, primarily because they may simply pay for it or agree that the damage was caused by ordinary wear and tear, and secondarily because they may want to do any repairwork (or make replacements) using their own staff (or stuff).


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